Soooooooooo, which one of these is NOT a joke???

“You ever been jacked by a real thug n*gga like me?!?”
“Is this a cardigans, cuh?”
“N*gga cause I’m a Christian, n*gga…I gangbang but I go to church too.”
“My n*gga and yo’ skinny jeans are amazing. I meant to tell you that earlier when you walked to the bathroom.”

“Be whoever you wanna be…love whoever you wanna love.”
“If Clue (DJ Clue) can’t squash this, then it’s over.”
“Then, I’ma get my big homies on the phone, that like n*ggas and they gon’ rape that n*gga! Bend that n*gga over and stick it in that n*gga’s booty!”

Wrong. Ray J was serious.

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