I promise, I really really really Reeeeeeeeeeeeeally LOVE being a rapper. But dammit, y’all startin’ to piss me the hell off. How so, you ask? See below.

1. EVERYBODY’s doing it. I can’t even tell y’all I rap without getting the “oh, ok…you too?” b/c your mother’s brother’s grandmother (in that order) watched one-too-many episodes of 106 & Park and now, also aspires to rock the proverbial “mic”. The difference b/w me and them is that I DON’T suck donkey balls…Subtle, but, a difference nonetheless.

2. You guys hear that I’m a rapping lawyer and somehow, think that means I rap about the law…uh, no. That sh*t ain’t never been cool. Remember, I DON’T suck donkey balls.

3. STOP asking me to rap on the spot! Did you start spilling sh*t on the floor when you found out that dude was a janitor??? No. Did you start asking for routes to work when you heard that chick drove a Marta bus??? No. Did you ask about that rash you got during Spring Break when you were talking to those Med students??? MAYBE. But, it was scary and you thought that you were gonna die…Ok, I understand that one.

All and all, nobody’s perfect. I forgive y’all. :*D

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