On this special edition of Conversations with Mickey, we discuss the fallen legend, Whitney Houston. Mick gives me a lil’ insight via g-chat this morning. Peep below.

Mickey: I’m mad Nippy had to really just die this weekend tho…she was so jersey

Sent at 10:43 AM on Monday

Me: yeah

it was wack

Mickey: i went to school with her kid and her family…lololol yo

how she is in tv is really who she is

she and bobby used to come to the football games and buy fun dip and grape soda haha

Sent at 10:47 AM on Monday

Me: haha

fun dip


Mickey: she was so hood …hahaha but i loved it

crazy…im gonna need for janet and prince to hold it together and hold it down…same with monica and brandy’

ray-j is…just keep him trapped in a closet or something

Me: AWESOME choice of words in re Ray J

But, in all seriousness. R.I.P. Whitney. You will be missed.

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