It’s not your legs… It’s not your eyes… It’s not even how good you smell… It is, however, your beautiful “Fuck It”…

This is a quality that, when exhibited even by an “unattractive” woman, creates an intense tangle of desire and intrigue by their male counterparts. “Fuck It” is genuine. “Fuck It” is self-sufficiency. “Fuck It” is not only knowing that there are other fish in the sea…“Fuck It” is the bait.

Don’t be fooled, “Fuck It” is not playing hard to get… there is no game about this. Either you got it or you don’t. But…

Ladies…and I say this with utmost respect…just “Fuck It”!


  1. You speak truth – but I have a question – why??? Why are people (both male and female) attracted to the “fuck it”? I think it is more of an ego trip. We fight for what we don't have – that maybe if the battle is won, it is worth it. Who knows – I think it is a bitter-sweet law-of-attraction.

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