CREATIVITY. Thought the bruhs didn’t do that??? OBSERVE:

Kamar (Fall 2004, Nu Delta, Columbus State University): Creative force behind Oema Takorr. Lifestyle connoisseur.

Find his clothes HERE.

Z-Hundred (Fall 2006, Zeta Delta Delta, Georgia Southern University): R&B extraordinaire. Moistener of thine panties.

Listen to his newest release: “Dive Under” (mixed by Keith Dawson)

Find his music HERE.

Keith Dawson (Spring 2007, Zeta Theta, Georgia State University): Man behind the boards. Maker of Magic.

B. Wiggins (Spring 2000, Zeta Theta, Georgia State University): The reason your pictures are worth a thousand words. Master of photography.

Book him HERE.

Dee Goodz (Spring 2007, Nu Epsilon, Alabama A&M University): Destroyer of Beats. Slayer of Freaks.

See him EVERYWHERE. Follow him HERE.

Cendino (Spring 2003, Chi Theta, Florida State University): Visual Mastermind. Creative Genius.

Become inspired HERE.

Gilles (Spring 2007, Pi Delta Delta, Emory University): Rapper of all things awesome. Posterchild for modesty.

Listen to my music NOW.

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