#OWS detractors have, and rightfully so, expressed one chief short-coming of the budding movement: It lacks ONE solidified goal. You got God knows who yelling God knows what about Corporate America. Though some confused apples may be giving a bad rep to the cause, let me take this moment to make the views of www.supergilles.com CLEAR AS DAY while pointing the proverbial finger in its proper direction::: F*ck Banks.

Remember a couple years ago when you called the Federal Government Collect to get bailed the f*ck out??? Yeah, I thought not. F*ck you. In the off chance that (1) Banksters frequent www.supergilles.com and (2) my words have offended your delicate sensibilities, at least you have the check stubs from your bonuses to dry your tears.

Anyway, the stars are aligning, quite literally I might add. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.
David Banner

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Talib Kweli

Hussel and Yeezy

P.S.: #OWS = Occupy Wallstreet for you douchebags too cool to stay abreast on current events

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