Gilles’ Lyric: Day 29

“Can’t worry ’bout what another n*gga think, now that’s liberation and baby, I want it.”-Andre 3000 via “Liberation”Album:  Aquemini My […]

Gilles’ Lyric: Day 25

“Don’t talk to me ’bout style n*gga, I’ll muhf*ckin’ embarrass you.  Talkin’ ’bout some clothes?  I’ll muhf*ckin’ embarass you.  Holla’n ’bout some […]

Gilles’ Lyric: Day 23

“Firm disbeliever in your punch-clock promise.” -Lupe Fiasco via “Gold Watch”Album – The CoolMy take:::9 to 5’s are purely for […]

Gilles’ Lyric: Day 22

“If n*ggas all dogs then, whatcha call broads???”-Andre 3000 via “Mamacita”Album:  Aquemini My take:::FOH with all that male-bashing.  Y’all ain’t perfect […]

Gilles’ Lyric: Day 21

“Let’s get this money, then, let’s make it stack.  Then, let’s make history, ’cause they can’t take that back.”-Lloyd Banks […]