1.  Dr. Dre’s Detox.

His long awaited follow-up to “The Chronic 2001” just ain’t happening.  Let’s face it.  We’re the only ppl that don;t know it yet.  (Doesn’t his face just say “C’mon, son”?)

2.  The Sperry Pastel Pack.  Yeah, no.  It’s summer already.  Sperry promised this several SPRINGS ago.

3.  Jay-Z ACTUALLY retiring.  Eh, whatever.  Who wants to see this sh*t anyway???

4.  Watch The Throne: Comedy Edition. Chris Rock x Dave Chappelle.  IF this happens, I will cash out.  No question.  But, it probably won’t happen.

5.  Pacquiao vs. Mayweather.  If you were looking for a way to prolong this showdown, you found it.

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