KRS-One a religious prophet?

The Teacha seems to no longer be content with being the premier theorist/practitioner of this revolutionary lifestyle called Hip Hop…He instead, has his sights set on divinity. KRS will be dropping a book soon, bibilical in its format and size, that seeks to make the case that beyond the boom boom bap, lies a religious roadmap for hiphoppas to follow. In interviews promoting the text, the Boogie Down Productions founder, claims that the Gospel of Hip Hop will rival the Bible, Quran and Torah in importance…humph. KRS also claims that Christianity, Islam and Judaism have had their time and it is Hip Hop’s time to claim the throne as the spiritual platform by which we converse with God. He also calls on the thought process made famous during Christianity’s Enlightenment…

Now I haven’t had the chance to rifle through this book and read first hand the prinicples put forth by KRS but my gut reaction to this has to be “WTF?” I’m a KRS fan for reasons that surpass his lyrical ability on the mic; I respect very much the work he has done in embodying the cultural aspects of what people see as a musically driven lifestyle. However, I’m not sure that I’m feeling the Teach on this one.


  1. hmm . . . when you think about it, though, just in terms of history, this is how religions start. Some dude looks around and says, “I'm gonna make some rules for y'all to follow”.

    The only difference I see at first blush between KRS' religion and Mormons, Scientologists, et al is time: when a “religion” has been around for awhile it gains credibility.

    Similar to frats: you don't really respect a frat that came along way late in the game like that sagitarius frat or whatever they are or sigmas or whatever. But the major difference is how long they've been around.

    So let's check back in on KRS' joint in like 50 or 100 years and see what happens. Ya neva know!

    Nice post young

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