The famed Yves Saint Laurent label is said to be changing its name to Saint Laurent Paris.  The label was founded in 1962 by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé, and new creative director Hedi Silmane is said to be re-branding the fashion house to usher it into a new era. The iconic YSL logo, however, is said to remain the same.  My issues with this are twofold: 1) The name isn’t going to be any shorter. If they’re trying to make it more succinct, wouldn’t shortening it be the key?  2) It bothers me when letters don’t match up with the words. So the “YSL” logo will be the same, but there will be no Y. To me that’s a WTF? 

Question: How will this affect the rap game? 

“Close your eyes and imagine, feel the magic, Vegas on acid, Seen through Yves Saint Laurent glasses”
Kanye West, “Diamonds”

“Seen it on the blog, These muhf*ckas cost, Yves Saint Laurent, You can tell by the fonts” 
Tyga, “I’m So Raw”

“Is that her in the VIP line, With the Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent, Used to drive a Nissan now she in a Beamer”
Future, “Turn on the Lights”

“By your appearance I can get a glimpse of your vibe, They say you are what you wear, I am Yves Saint Laurent mixing Martin Margiela” 
Diggy Simmons, “Digg is Like”

“Yves Saint Laurent knitted, shorts bermuda, You would think they were Pucci if you overlooked Medusa”
Pusha T, “Comedy Central”

Answer: Very much so.

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