A collection of some of the finest Three 6 Mafia videos ever made…takes me back…

Sippin’ On Some Syrup

Bun B thoroughly murked this.

Playa Why Ya Hatin’

This sh*t is crazy!!!

Chicken Head

“That’s just the meter broke, you’on’t know whatcha talkin’ bout…anyway, them new Jordans finna come out.”

Ridin’ Spinners

“I used to be clean in my Expedition.”

And of course…

Who Run It

2:29 mark…please.

I LOVE Three 6 Mafia music…Like, back in high school, ween’t even have DJ’s at house parties…it was just that “When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6 Sixty 1” and/or “Mista Don’t Play.” Anyway, you may have heard a lil’ song I did called “Yaper.” (streaming below) It’s kinda like my ode to these guys. I had this idea to flip 3 signature Three 6 Mafia flows on the same song…Personally, I think it worked out ok but, I’ll letchu be the judge. When you listen, (as you SHOULD be doing right about now) see if you can tell which ones are which.

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