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corinne website 3


New York, NY

Artist Management/Development

Likes: Russian ballet, lipstick, chicken vindaloo, being tiny

Dislikes:  profile pictures, gluten, cheap






New York, NY

Global Management

Likes: time pieces, whiskey, women in heels, good conversation, shallow ideals

Dislikes: women whose favorite wine is moscato, jordans, salad






San Francisco, CA

Brand Strategist

Likes: macarons, stamps (of the passport, food and postage variety)

Dislikes: ugly, fake






chris websiteChris.

Atlanta, GA

Marketing Guy

Likes: rare sneakers, Arizona Golden Bear lemonades w/ mint, talking loudly whilst clapping hands

Dislikes: poorly seasoned food, corporate America








Tallahassee, FL

Creative Director

Likes: boxing, Proof & Provision, asking if this is a Kanye West song, his kids (sometimes)

Dislikes: tailgating, rap music